Gait Trainers

  • Ankle Prompts – prevents legs from scissoring.
  • Seat Harness – supports patients who cannot stand  completely on their own.
  • Pelvic Stabilizer – supports and stabilizes the pelvis.
  • Positioning Bar – provides adjustable depth.
  • Vertical handgrips – provides alternate handgrip position, posterior models only.
  • Variable Resistance Tabs – controls the speed of the gait trainer and aligns an asymmetrical gait pattern.
  • One-Directional Rear Wheels – allows only forward mobility, posterior models only.
  • Swivel Wheel Locking Bracket – provides option to lock swivel wheels.



Carton Shipping Weight (SR 3000) 35 lbs.

Carton Shipping Weight (SR 3100) 32 lbs.

Carton Shipping Weight (SR 3200) 30 lbs.

Carton Shipping Weight (CO 2000) 33 lbs.

Carton Shipping Weight (CO 2100) 30 lbs.

Carton Shipping Weight (CO 2200) 28 lbs.

CE 1035 FP Adjustable Forearm Platforms 1pr/bx

CE 1080 S Trunk Support, Small 1/bx

CE 1080 L Trunk Support, Large 1/bx

CE 1260 Extended Uprights, For Pediatric & Tyke Sizes 1pr/bx

CE 1270 Extended Uprights, For Adult Sizes 1pr/bx